Mental health

Ugly Truth 47: I’m Manic Again

“I’ve never thought of you like that,’ said Christopher. ‘How could I? If you were any other woman, I could tell you I loved you, easily enough, but not you– because you’ve always seemed to me like a part of myself, and it would be like saying I loved my own eyes or my own mind. But have you ever thought of what it would be to have to live without your mind or your eyes, Kate? To be mad? Or blind?”

-Elizabeth Marie Pope, The Perilous Gard

Dear Readers,

I worked 4 hours overtime at 3am and I still haven’t slept. Sleep deprivation is one of my strongest triggers for changes in mood.

I’m hyper, unusually upbeat, and laughing to tears. My thoughts are racing and my words are coming out jumbled. I’m over confident and insecure. My appetite is fading. I can’t stop talking or moving – I’m trembling and my heart is racing. I’m safe, in good company, and in control. I have a flight of ideas although they are seldom productive. Fortunately, there hasn’t been any psychosis yet.

Reminding myself to keep my stress levels low until I can manage to sleep. Choose recourse, not discourse.

Discuss: Have you ever experienced mania? What was it like for you?

**If you’re a mental health survivor or mental health provider and want to tell your story – please email me at!**

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