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Ugly Truth 014: Relationships are Hard

“A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other, even in those moments when you struggle to like each other.”

– Dave Willis, The Seven Laws of Love: Essential Principles

Good Morning Readers,

There are many kinds of interpersonal relationships, but for the purpose of this ugly truth, we will be talking about romance.

Even the healthiest relationships encounter blunders from time to time. No matter how much you love someone, you may find that their quirks don’t always mesh well with your own. Relationships are hard because communication requires practice, patience, acceptance, apology and maturity. You can not demand your partner be on the same page as you, but if you’re lucky you will find yourself in the same book. No matter the discourse respect should never be lost, and settling should never be mistaken for compromise.

Take a moment to consider the difference between hearing and listening. It is important to learn the signals of your loved ones while also maintaining boundaries. There are certain things I wont tolerate, and that’s not a bad thing. Likewise, I try hard to be more flexible toward others whose common sense may not match up with my own. I delight in the joys and successes of my partner as if they were my own, as well as the grief and the sorrow.

If your relationship is going to be successful then you need to put the work in. Anyone who says they don’t want a relationship they have to work on is being delusional. Sharing time, space, and life with other human beings is tough, even with people we really, really like.

What has brought you the most success in your relationships?

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8 thoughts on “Ugly Truth 014: Relationships are Hard”

  1. “He says he is here to help, but I feel if that were true he would be doing everything he could to balance the situation, and we wouldnt be in this place to begin with.”

    This!!! So much this!!! I did it for three years, and I wish I knew how to help you… I am rooting for you, because I know he’s not the worst person in the world and you both deserve love and happiness… I can tell you, the more I pushed, the more he pulled away. But maybe I was too complacent. I sometimes wondered if he needed a more volitile companion, some people need that ass kicking to get their head out of their ass… But more than anything, I think he needs professional counseling and medication, but he doesn’t think that helped him. You say he isolates… I never thought that he would isolate from you. You know better than anyone how to get him to open up. But the burden shouldn’t be all on you… Just as it shouldn’t have been on me… Again, I wish I had the words of advice you’re looking for… But at the least, I have understanding of the situation and a caring ear. Good luck.

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