Transparency for Transparency’s Sake

Dear Readers,

I can’t sleep. For the better part of a week I have been battling an unforgiving viral what-have-you passed oh so generously from my little one. Within the woes of my sleepless motherhood, I came here to read, and read I did. In so doing, I familiarized myself with a Columbia educated writer who took my breath away with her rhythm and word choice in a longread depiction of “Lolita”, the 1955 controversey written by Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov.

It was in this moment that I realized my writings were still jailed up by my defense mechanisms.

With pressure in my ears, I realized I remained overly cautious and concerned about who was reading my thoughts. I gathered that, despite my introspection, I was sticking to the facts of my ability to convey previously published information rather than swimming in the candor of my own growing pains. The truth is it benefits no one, namely myself, if I continue to cloak my craft in academics and resource referrals. Not only are my readers subject to a skimmable quality, but I also rob myself of the truly therapeutic organics of simply writing.

Moving forward, I vow to share fewer links and more natural story-telling. I vow to honor the space I’ve invited you all into with genuine reflection, memories, and thought-strings. If I lose a client or employer on behalf of this conviction, then so be it. To hell with the consequences. I am done operating at face value on a platform designed to engage others in either shared conquest or rage. If you hate me, I have still done my job as a writer to provoke. So, I remain resolute in my high-mindedness.

If you’re still here, I suspect a shift is occurring. I suspect you’ll appreciate my 3am content all the more, and I will be better for it.

**If you’re a mental health survivor or mental health provider and want to tell your story – please email me at!**

For more excellent insight and entertainment through a collaborative approach to all things mental health, including a guest post from yours truly, visit the Blunt Therapy Blog by Randy Withers, LPC! For additional perspectives on suicide prevention from master level mental health providers visit, 20 Professional Therapists Share Their Thoughts on Suicide!

In collaboration with Luis Posso, an Outreach Specialist from, Deskraven is now offering guides on depression and suicide prevention to its readers. For more information on understanding the perils of addiction visit, Substance Abuse and Suicide: A Guide to Understanding the Connection and Reducing Risk! In addition, for a comprehensive depression resource guide from their sister project at Columbus Recovery Center visit, Dealing with Depression!

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