Sibyl Marie: A Cat’s Tale

Dear Readers,

Cats get a bad wrap. If you have had the misfortune of having a less-than-desirable feline, my heart goes out to you. I happen to know and love one awesomely cool kitty-cat, and I’d like to share her with you tonight. Her name is Sibyl Marie.


In 2014, I married a man I did not love for the sake of safety. After much anguish surrounding my sense of self and sexual identity, the marriage folded less than three years later. So, there I was, peeing in my new toilet, scrolling through Facebook like so few of us are willing to admit, when this green-eyed beauty floated across my screen. Her first mother, Laura, had lost her in a nasty breakup years prior. Understandably, Laura had moved on to a life filled to the brim with the love of a new partner and pets, leaving her unable to take Sibyl in. So, the disgruntled ex-boyfriend threatened to bring Sibyl to a shelter if no one came to her aid. Naturally, every ounce of love and compassion jumped from my soul and I sweetly replied, “Give her to meeee!”

This was a half-hearted offer I admit. After all, I had a little boy and a new life to juggle all on my own.


After a few small transactions and immense support from her first owner, she was on her way that very same day. Sibyl came to me during a time of tremendous life transition, so I feel intensely bonded to her. It goes without saying that I am absolutely bias when it comes to the favor of my feline friend. Still, she deserves credit for her humor, her calm yet playful demeanor, and her undying love for eye-contact. After a few tears, much mewing, and fancy feasting she adapted warmly… just in time for Hurricane Harvey to make landfall.

For eight long days, Sibyl and I were trapped in the ivory tower that is our second story apartment building. While water levels were rising and grocery shelves were obscenely lacking, while citizens miscalculated their evacuation plans and the streets quieted her engines so sirens could blare, Sibyl and I stayed snuggled together in my one bedroom apartment- destined to become best friends. Eight days without going outside is enough to make just about anyone lose it. Employment, school districts and commerce paused. Fortunately for us, I had paid mind to gather provisions beforehand- so there was bread, flame and rum a-plenty!

Most importantly –Sibyl Marie is a stupendous emotional support animal. We all have our histories and she is no different. She has her own kitty anxieties and idiosyncrasies from the environment she was in before she called our house a home. We have noticed she stirs away from specific objects, brooms for example, and runs from loud noises. She cries when there’s thunder and hides from the vacuum. Similarly, my psychological enthusiasm evoke days of unrest where carrying myself upright is just too much to ask. And yet- we never fail to love one another. She comes when I cry, when I tremble with panic, and find myself shaking with nightmares. She comes when I fall short of breathing, traverse through flashbacks or suffer from psychosis. She tolerates the squeezing touches of my seven-year-old, and loves my partner just as much as I do.

Sibyl Marie has been a most cherished addition to our family, and we often laugh of giving her her very own YouTube segment. She springs from boxes, chases lasers, cries for tuna, and pounces in the night. She meows for the sake of talking and brings laughter wherever she goes. She cries for snuggles, licks hands, and knocks over dishes without a care in the world. She is uniquely petite, intelligent, hilarious and oh-so affectionate.


So, the next time someone tells you cats suck you might empathize with their plight, or you just might prove them wrong.

Tell me your cat stories in the comments section. The good, the bad, and the ugly!


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